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OFFICIAL PAGE: Ric O'Barry's @Dolphin_Project works to put an end to dolphin suffering & exploitation around the world. #Tweet4Dolphins #Taiji #TheCove

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@RichardOBarry #Tweet4Dolphins #SavingMarcos #StopSirkusLumba #TheCove #CoveWatch #UStream

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The whole world in realtime

What have you achieved?

This work has been chronicled in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, and in the Animal Planet mini. Blood Dolpins

When tweeting what are your objectives?

Ric O'Barry's @Dolphin_Project works to put an end to dolphin suffering

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The attention that the GoldenTwits garners, will only help better connect us to a broader audience.

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We have revolutionized how social media and activism work together. 3 million signatures collected, Pioneered LiveStreaming from #TheCove

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