Andy Walker (_andywalker_)

PR and Social Media Manager at Birmingham City Football Club. Support me this Movember -

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What is your biggest annoyance on Twitter

People requesting retweets for no valid/worthy reason e.g. 'I like toast RT?'.

What do you tweet about?

All things Birmingham City Football Club.

How would you descibe twitter to non-tweeters?

Don't approach it like you would Facebook. Use it as a newsfeed first and foremost and build from there.

What have you achieved?

Interaction of my account aside,I've assembled a web of Twitter contacts connected with Birmingham City FC to give fans the full picture.

What's your favorite Twitter application?


Why do you deserve a GoldenTwit award?

As one of the first social media professionals at a football club, I have successfully placed BCFC at the forefront of Twitter interaction.

When tweeting what are your objectives?

To answer each and every sensible tweet that comes my way. I want people to realise they're interacting with a human, not a machine.

Why should people vote for you?

I am striving to make Birmingham City FC one of the most interactive sports outfits in the social media sphere.

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