Sarah Gould (_sarahgould_)

Birmingham City Football Club's Customer Services Manager.Views are my own. Holder of the fun Friday giveaway #potofgould as featured in the Daily Express :D

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What is your biggest annoyance on Twitter


What do you tweet about?

#Bcfc related matters, queries and answering supporter queries. #potofgould - my weekly competition to #bcfc supporters

How would you descibe twitter to non-tweeters?

The cool place to hang out ;)

What's your favorite Twitter application?


What have you achieved?

Gaining over 2000 followers in under 18 months :)

Why should people vote for you?

Working hard to be accessible and approachable to #bcfc supporters

When tweeting what are your objectives?

In most cases to provide useful information to supporters.

Why do you deserve a GoldenTwit award?

Because I have never won an award and I would feel very honored.

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