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Welcome to my world... Where all have the chance to inspire...

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Why do you deserve a GoldenTwit award?

People perhaps nominated me because I’m an open book who uses the internet to encourage people to stay true

What have you achieved?

Allowed people geographically isolated around the world to unite in order to achieve common goals.

When tweeting what are your objectives?

To be concise with a meaningful purpose. To provoke not for the sake of getting a reaction. To enlighten people.

What's your favorite Twitter application?

Twibbon as it allows people to publicly support causes they truly believe in.

Why should people vote for you?

Never won an internet award: I'd like to be proof that you don't have to 'sell-out' to succeed in the world. Winning would celebrate thi

How would you descibe twitter to non-tweeters?

A global online network that we can all be a part of, which renders the 6-degrees of separation theory as a thing of the past.

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