Samantha Kelly (funkygoddessirl)

Mum of 2 Beautiful Girls, Owner of Funky Goddess: Women Entrepreneurs Alliance Ambassador on @Ecademy #SBS & #WOW winner. I love Dignity, serenity, courage.

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Member Since: Jun 2011
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Screen Name: funkygoddessirl

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What is your biggest annoyance on Twitter


What do you tweet about?

business and day to day happenings

How would you descibe twitter to non-tweeters?

a way of never being lonely again!

Why should people vote for you?

because I tweet a lot!

What's your favorite Twitter application?

no favorite

What have you achieved?

Lots of followers and friends too! yes have met some of my followers!!

When tweeting what are your objectives?

To promote my company and to share info

Why do you deserve a GoldenTwit award?

Because I love twitter and am very active on it! Oh and I am very nice!

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